Bette & Joan

Bancroft Players

Saturday 3rd November 2018, in the Main Theatre

written by Anton Burge

directed by Elliott Bunker

By 1962, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were has-beens. The women - both famed for playing strong characters, both with difficult personal lives and both a long way past 40 - had been replaced by a new breed of perky blonde stars.  

Then they got an unexpected opportunity: playing opposite each other in what was to become a cult classic, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

The play is set in the adjoining dressing rooms of Davis and Crawford on the back-lot of the Warner Bros Studio where “Baby Jane” was being filmed. What really happened between the women off-screen. Why did they hate each other so much...only one way to find out!

Elliott Bunker, the director of this play says that “Davis and Crawford lived and worked in a pre #MeToo world and used their talent and feminine whiles to get to the top of Hollywood; winning Oscars and millions of fans all along the way, but through it all they stayed sworn enemies. ‘Baby Jane’ bought them together for the first and only time and this play allows for the fireworks to fly and the insecurities they each had to surface. As it only features the two characters, it’s a brilliant opportunity for two actors to represent these strong and formidable women

If you saw the recent TV adaptation of ‘Feud’ by ‘Glee’ and ‘American Crime Story’ creator, Ryan Murphy, then you’ll love Bette and Joan!

7.45 pm Closed

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