Reasons To Be Pretty

Bancroft Players

Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th October 2017, in the Studio

by Neil LaBute

directed by Matt Gray



Greg has been overheard admitting that his girlfriend Steph,is no beauty but that he wouldn’t change her for the world. Steph is devastated, whilst Greg can’t see what he’s done wrong. Meanwhile Greg’s friend Kent alternates between boasting about how gorgeous his wife is, and chasing after an attractive new colleague.

The plot follows these young working class friends and lovers, who become increasingly dissatisfied with their dead-end lives, and each other. Throughout the play the author shows us how an off the cuff remark about a lover's features can lead to the destruction of a relationship.

The result is a rueful, intelligent, and often very funny comedy that questions whether we should all stop defining ourselves, and each other, by our outward appearances, and asks whether it is as much of a curse to be conventionally attractive as it is to be considered ugly.

Although Reasons to be Pretty premiered on Broadway almost ten years ago, the themes it explores are still enormously relevant today.

NEW THIS SEASON!: A new addition this season will be a chance to meet with the cast and production crew of all our Studio productions to find out more about the play, the characters and share your thoughts directly. All Thursday night audiences will be invited to stay behind after the show finishes to meet with the actors and director. A great chance to find out more about the production.

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