Armageddon Gospels

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Dates: Friday 31st January 2020
Location: In the Studio
By: Foolish People

Armageddon Gospels

Refugee gods, transposed to flesh and blood, wash ashore to rouse the myths of ancient England, half-drowned in a forgotten past. They disperse through shifting realities to awaken the giant Albion and find the holy grail in a ritual to save England from the rot of darkness and hatred that’s strangling its soul.

Featuring a Q&A after the film with John Harrigan, the writer and director of ‘Armageddon Gospels’.

Every single moment held me completely. Harrigan and Foolishpeople have given us a film which draws on the rich depth of Albion’s history and lore, and the beauty of its countryside, to pass through the Chapel Perilous of folk horror to offer the Mongrel Nation a new addition to The Matter Of England, something as precious as the Grail… hope. - Cat Vincent - Review - The Daily Grail

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