Members and Covid-19

Arrangements for using The QMT as a member or volunteer – in a Covid-Secure way.

The rules below have been drawn up for the use of the theatre by members, personnel and contractors to keep the QMT a Covid Secure venue.

It is important that these procedures are observed for the safety of all QMT visitors and their contacts:


  • If you have a persistent cough, lost your sense of taste or smell or have a raised temperature, stay at home and don’t enter the building.
  • Only enter the QMT if you have current theatre business
  • Keep the outside doors locked, even when the theatre is in use
  • At the entrance, sign in and state where you will be working/operating in detail.
  • Sanitise your hands when entering and wash hands for 20 seconds regularly during your stay.
  • Observe social distancing rules when working / rehearsing with others.
  • Meetings, auditions and rehearsals must be place in spaces that allow 2m. social distancing or 1m. with mitigations unless in a bubble.
  • Supply your own refreshments and do not share these with others.
  • Before leaving the building, collaborate with colleagues to identify all touched surfaces and clean those surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes before leaving (e.g. door handles, chairs, switches, toilets and taps, kitchen and bar surfaces, tables etc.).
  • Sign out when leaving the building.

Contact the QMT or key holder contact immediately if you start displaying Covid symptoms after a visit to the theatre.