Audition Notice: We Happy Few

Auditions Closed

By Imogen Stubbs
Directed by Charles Plester

A message from the Director…

Ladies, ladies, ladies and men – your society needs you!

The May production is ‘We Happy Few’ by Imogen Stubbs.

It follows the story of a group of women as they perform Shakespeare in village halls and schools around the UK during the Second World War

Based on the real-life exploits of The Osiris Players this, at turns funny and serious piece, has some great female roles with the added bonus of getting the chance to perform as Henry V, Macbeth, Hamlet and Julius Caesar.

There are eight females and three males plus several other characters (bureaucrats, auditionees etc) which can either be played by members of the cast or an extra female and male to play all of them.


  • Henrietta (Hetty) Oaks – Any age but old enough to have a grown-up son – she is the leader of the group – single minded, tough and resourceful.
  • Flora Pelmet – Over forty, well-educated but nervous and dithery, she is the perfect foil for Hetty.
  • Charlotte (Charlie) Peters – Any age, a cockney tomboy – originally part of the group because she can change a tyre.
  • Helen Irving – Over forty, a professional actress, she is cynical, bitchy and great fun to play.
  • Rosalind Roberts – In her twenties, Helen’s daughter, warm hearted and eager to please she is struggling to free herself from her domineering mother.
  • Rosalind Tripp – An elderly eccentric – comic gem!
  • Ivy Williams – Young – a Brummie working class girl – ever optimistic and cheerful (despite being clumsy and prone to say the wrong thing) Ivy keeps the group going with her never say die attitude – must be able to sing.


  • Joseph – In his twenties, aspires to be a band leader. He and his grandparents are Polish refugees who take rooms with Flora.
  • Gertrude – is serious minded and does not approve of her grandson’s blossoming romance with Ivy.
  • Wilhelm – is the peace maker as well as (much to Hetty’s delight) a pianist.
  • Reggie Pelmet – Over forty -Flora’s cousin – practical, cheerful and useless in a crisis, he is the stage manager of the group.
  • Various – There are lots of walk on roles. These can be played by the cast, but I would prefer to cast one male and female to take on these parts.

Books will be available from the box office soon. Alisha, Nicki and I look forward to seeing you.