Audition Notice: The Nutcracker and the Mouse King

Auditions Closed

By ETA Hoffman
Directed by Rosemary Bianchi

It is Christmas Eve and party time! There are presents, a magician and a magnificent tree. One of the gifts is a Nutcracker Doll, but the children soon tire of it and it is thrown out, broken and forgotten. Outside in the snow, Marie rescues the doll and takes care of it and, as in the best fairy tales, it transforms into a brave prince. Just then the evil Mouse King and his Mousy Minions attack!

Exciting adventures follow, including a scrumptious journey to the Land of Sweets, as our heroes try to foil the mice. Magical characters, exciting action and comic twists abound in this version of the well-loved story, bringing the spirit of Christmas alive for all the family.

There are good roles for a large cast of all ages. Auditions will be held as a group, with some informal improvisation and reading for parts and our aim is to make them as enjoyable as possible, so do come along. There is no need to prepare a speech. Although certain roles are standalone, many double or transform, and the ensemble is crucial in becoming many characters, so please prepare to be flexible!

Audition scripts are available at the QMT. If you would like to audition but have trouble with the dates, please contact Rosemary Bianchi on

Looking forward to seeing you.


Aged 10, but to be played by an adult or teenager. Brave, forthright, fun. She’s there for all of the action.
ETA Hoffman
The Storyteller, doubling as Dr Drosselmeyer the toymaker/magician. Male or female, any age. Mysterious and powerful. Sees everything, knows everything, appears everywhere.
Nutcracker Prince
A young Soldier, heroic and dashing. Transforms from a wooden toy!
Lady Doray
Fabulously wealthy, scheming, cruel. Transforms into the Mouse Queen
The Honourable Charlotte Doray
Aged 10, as with Marie, to be played by and older actor. Selfish, spoilt, prone to tantrums.
An itinerant purveyor of dubious goods. Shifty, merciless. Transforms into the massively evil Mouse King.
Pettigrew’s sly and slithery sidekick and lieutenant. Female, any age.
who transforms into the Sugar Plum Fairy. Resourceful and comforting.
Cook’s assistant and Prince’s minder. Loyal, watchful, a bit cynical.
Marie’s faithful dog with very human characteristics.
The ensemble is extremely important and will take the parts of guests, mice, sweets, etc and also help to advance the story. There will be a fair bit of action and all will be named speaking roles.