Audition Notice: The Ghost Train

Auditions Closed

By Arnold Ridley
Directed by David Lester

Regularly mentioned by critics as one of the two scariest plays in the theatre, The Ghost Train is a well constructed thriller with a good range of character roles.

Set in the 1920’s a group of travellers are dumped at a remote Cornish station late on a stormy night with a long wait for the next train. The stationmaster warns them against staying there with a hoary old story about a Ghost Train. The stranded travellers dismiss this as baloney and decide to stay. Then strange things begin to happen…

The Ghost Train explores the psychological consequences of throwing a disparate group of people together in an isolated location with no prospect of escape. Tempers become frayed, and the characters’ true natures are gradually revealed as they try to come to terms with the unnatural situation.

The setting will be a station waiting room on the auditorium floor with the audience on three sides. That closeness will help the actors build the tension and suspense. At the far end will be windows and doors through to the station platform from which the audience may glimpse the dead stationmaster’s red light swinging in the distance.

There is comedy of course, but think Hitchcock rather than Dads Army (which the author of this play regularly appeared in). This should be enormous fun to do – so grab a script – unless you are of a nervous disposition!

The Roles

  • Richard Winthrop – Late 20s to early 40s, rather domineering and bad tempered business owner
  • Elsie Winthrop – Mid 20s to 30s, wife to Richard, and seeking a divorce
  • Saul Hodgkin – The Station Master, rather grumpy, late 50s to 60s
  • Charles Murdock – 20s just married, about to lose his job
  • Peggy Murdock – 19 to early 20s, devoted wife to Charles, on their honeymoon
  • Miss Bourne – 60s, anxious and travelling alone with her pet
  • Teddie Deakin – Late 20s to mid 30s, cheerful, rather annoying and places particular importance on his appearance
  • Julia Price – Mid 20s to early 30s, elegant, tormented with an air of mystery
  • Herbert Price – 40s to 50s, brother to Julia, a little sinister and rather posh
  • John Sterling – 40s to 50s, a doctor and friend of Herbert
  • Two police constables who appear in Act 3, one of which is a small speaking part

Notes About The Auditions

Scripts are available by the box office with a signing in and out list.

Please take the ages above as a guide (and not those suggested in the script). The final selection will be based on how combinations look as well as ability. Along with the scripts left by the Box Office will be the sections of dialogue we will be using at the Auditions.

Rehearsal nights will be Mondays and Wednesdays.

Want To Know More?

For more information please email or phone David Lester at or on 07515 339148.