Audition Notice: Skylight

Auditions Closed

By David Hare
Directed by Keith Swainston

Three years after walking out on a married restaurateur and wealthy businessman Tom, Kyra is teaching in a tough school in a deprived part of East London and eking out a living a long way across town in a run-down borrowed apartment. A tired evening at home marking books is wrecked by the unannounced appearance of Tom’s 18-year-old son Edward asking why she left so suddenly? And can she help his father who’s rattling around in denial a year after the death of his wife? “He’s not what you might call emotionally available” he says.

Answers to Edward’s demands are the stuff of the following scenes as, out of the blue and late at night, Tom arrives. A well-dressed emotional mess, he affects casual interest while patrolling her flat like he owns it. And for the next hour and a half the two of them duck and dive as they rake over their past relationship.

Recently revived with Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy in London and New York, this award winning play has part of its strength in the level of often bitter humour running through their attempts at telling the truth. The dialogue it peppered with the punch of surprise. This being a Hare play, their relationship is usefully reflective of wider concerns.


Kyra Hollis: Female. Playing age late 20’s – early 30’s
Edward Sergeant: Male. Late teens – early 20’s
Tom Sergeant: Male, Late 40’s early 50’s

As always, the ages given here are a guide only. Casting will hinge on the look and ability of the individual actors.

I look forward to seeing you at the auditions.

Keith Swainston