Audition Notice: Sex with a Stranger

Auditions Closed

By Stefan Golaszweski
Directed by Cliff Francis

Adam meets Grace in a club. They go back to hers. Earlier that day, Adam’s girlfriend Ruth watches as he prepares for his big night out ‘with the boys.’ Bleak, funny and excruciatingly accurate, Sex with a Stranger examines what it is to be your twenties, lonely, hollow and uncertain in 21st century Britain.

A play that tells the story of an illicit encounter from the point of view of all three protagonists. Moving backwards and forwards in time, it explores how they all met, what happened and what are the consequences.

The Roles:

There are three roles, two female and one male.

This is a play about twentysomethings in 21st century Britain, so all characters need to have playing ages in their early to middle twenties.

As the play starts Adam is getting ready for a night out with “the boys” but has bought new jeans, shirt and body spray and is receiving and sending illicit text messages. He assures Ruth that it’s just a boys’ birthday night out, but he will probably drink too much and not be back that night.
Adam’s girlfriend, they have a flat and she is planning for their future, what furniture and fittings to buy and ironing his new shirt. A concert violinist, she is a homemaker but not entirely convinced Adam is telling her the truth.
She is out for the night with her friends, it’s routine. She will drink too much and go home with someone, it’s just sex. She has not dressed up, just casual and comfortable.

The play is set in North London in the present day, but could be Hitchin or anywhere. It is a play that is by turn funny, moving and uncomfortable. The actors will need to be open minded to explore the themes depicted and the scenes portrayed.

Scripts will be available soon from the box office with a signing in and out list.

In the auditions we will look at some of the scenes, performing short extracts.