Audition Notice: Reasons to be Pretty

Auditions Closed

By Neil LaBute.
Directed by Matthew Gray

Greg is overheard admitting that his girlfriend, Steph, is no beauty but that he wouldn’t change her for the world. Steph is devastated; Greg can’t see what he’s done wrong. Meanwhile Greg’s friend Kent alternates between boasting about how gorgeous his wife is, and chasing after a hot new colleague.

Throughout Reasons to be Pretty, Neil LaBute shows us how an off the cuff remark about a lover’s features can lead to the destruction of a relationship. The result is a rueful, intelligent comedy that asks us whether we should all stop defining ourselves, and each other, by our outward appearances.

The Cast

There are four roles; two female, two male.

Whilst there are no ages specified in the script, due to the situations the characters find themselves in, they are clearly younger than middle age. I see them as aged 25-35.

At the start of the play she is the partner of Greg. Vulnerable yet with hidden strength; Steph only interacts with Greg during the course of play and so their dynamic must be believable.
He is a pseudo-intellectual/hipster type, who somewhat ostentatiously reads Poe, Hawthorne, and Swift on the nightshift at the factory he works at. He is firm friends with Kent, but has reservations about Kent’s wife, Carly, whom he holds responsible for the breakdown of his relationship.
Not a big thinker. Kent is, from the outset, a morally ambiguous character. He displays ‘Alpha male’ traits towards all the characters in the play. Kent will need to display a strong physical presence.
The pregnant wife of Kent, and Steph’s friend. Carly works as a security guard at the factory with Greg and Kent. Over the course of the play Carly’s life changes in ways she never expected.

All four characters have a monologue and US accents are essential to this piece, so be prepared to work on these if cast.

Notes About the Auditions

Scripts will be shortly available by the box office with a signing in and out list.
Please look at the monologue for the character you are interested in from the play to read and act at the audition.
Rehearsal nights will be Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Want to Know More?

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