Audition Notice: Pronoun

Auditions Closed

By Ewan Placey.
Directed by Barney Taylor

Josh and Isabella are childhood sweethearts. They were meant to spend their gap year together… but Isabella has now become a boy.

Pronoun is a love story about transition, testosterone and James Dean for young actors by Canadian-born playwright Evan Placey. The play predominantly explores the theme of gender, a potent topic in our modern world, through the journey of transition of Dean, a teenage transgender boy.

There is a requirement for 7 actors and the character ages are between 15 and 18 years. Although there are adult characters in this play, these will be to be played by younger actors. There are many characters in the play, meaning there will be a need to multi-role.

The Roles

Dean – 16 – Female actor
Dean is a girl (formerly Isabella) born into a boy’s body. She is kind, confused, frustrated, the centre of our story and most importantly – in love.
Josh – 16 – Male actor
Dean’s ex-boyfriend – Josh loves Isabella more than anything in the world, but he is struggling to come to terms with the fact that she is a boy. And she’s now calling herself Dean… Does this mean he’s gay? This wasn’t the way it was supposed to happen.
Kyle – 17 – Male actor
Josh’s best friend – Kyle is just as confused as anyone else, and just to make it even more confusing, he’s getting married in a few months… He also multi-roles as Dean’s Mum.
Amy – 16 – Female actor
Dean’s best friend. She is sensitive to Dean’s situation, but acutely aware that it might ruin her beautiful wedding to Kyle. She also multi-roles as Dean’s dad.
Laura – 16 – Female actor
The third member of Dean and Amy’s trio of friends. She is slightly less sensitive… A classic ‘girly girl’.
Dani – 14 – Female actor
Dean’s younger sister – Dani can’t understand Dean. She is in mourning for the sister and friend she had, and really struggles (try as she might) to accept that Isabella no longer exists.
James Dean – Male actor
As in the movie star… circa 1955; Rebel Without a Cause teenager look – blue jeans, white T-shirt, red jacket. American.

Other than Josh and Dean, everyone else will have to multi-role. Therefore, there is nothing to prepare for this audition, but please come with an idea of which character you would like to audition for and the readiness to play. 

Play scripts to borrow and return are available now from behind the Box Office. Please sign out and return quickly. For further information contact the Director, Barney Taylor: