Audition Notice: Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons

Auditions Closed

By Sam Steiner
Directed by Russell Hurn

Yes, there really are that many lemons!

This demanding two header award-winning play about relationships and communication originally premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe and explores the impact of the government’s controversial ‘Hush’ Law, which imposes a rationing of spoken words to 140 per person, per day.

The value of the things you say to loved ones and the conversations you have becomes a major new consideration for Oliver and Bernadette. We follow their relationship through the course of the introduction of the Law and the way they manage the new restrictions of their freedom of speech. The play is demanding and will require early learning of lines to enable work on the multiple timeline jumps.

The Roles:

Oliver is a young musician (approx 25-35) and activist, he is part of the movement trying to oppose the ‘Hush’ Bill. He loves Bernadette but is somewhat insecure with her, he also has a secret.

Bernadette is similar age she is training to be a lawyer when she meets Oliver at a pet funeral, and their romance begins. She is smarter than Oliver and knows it.

As a two header there are a lot of lines some very short in keeping with the theme of the play. The scenes focus around their early developing relationship, their preparation for the “Hush” Law and how they cope with the restrictions it then places on them. The play is expected to run in one act over about 75 mins.

Scripts available to borrow and return (quickly please) from a sign out sheet behind the box office.

Further information: Russell Hurn ()