Audition Notice: Blackadder

Auditions Closed

Directed by Sally Hull

I am delighted to announce that the Bancroft Players have agreed to my “cunning plan” to direct three episodes of Blackadder in Tudor times.

The Tudor episodes I have chosen are “Bells“, “Head” and “Money“. Those 7 actors/actresses cast in the principal roles of Blackadder, Baldrick, Percy, Queenie, Nursie, Melchett and the Balladeer will feature in all three episodes. It is my intention to cast the other 18 smaller parts between 8 or so further performers who will have a different role in at least two episodes each. I will give details of this part of my “cunning plan” at the Auditions.

Scripts are now available in the Box Office lobby.

See you there -should be fun!

~ Sally Hull